Illustration by  Jovanna Tosello

Illustration by Jovanna Tosello

Want to be a part of the UA Team?

We love working with creators that we get to know and trust. The Uniquely Aligned team is full of friends, near and far, and we would love to have you as well. To be a regular contributor, you will be expected to send us your work at least once a month (usually pertaining to our monthly issue theme). All of our contributors are very unique, but they make great (and quality) content that aligns with UA’s core values and aesthetics.

We need writers, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, and we’d love to have some filmmakers. We also specifically need writers that excel in music & movies & books related content.


  • We need writers that can write full length, quality essays. Although we love having poetry on our site, we do not need poets as regular contributors, so please submit poetry. If you write shorter creative essays or diary entries, we’d love to have your work, but please submit.

  • We need photographers that can send us monthly photo series along with a 200 word write-up.

  • We need artists and illustrators that can quickly whip up visuals for writing pieces we have received. We love illustration diaries and comics as well. This job is really important as we have writing pieces submitted all the time that need visuals!

  • We are always looking for graphic designers to help us out with site design, visuals, and social media.

To apply, copy and fill out the application below. Please attach samples of your work as well. Email it to, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Uniquely Aligned Contributor Application

If you have questions and/or comments, contact us!