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Andrea panaligan

Andrea is a 19-year-old writer, photographer, and behavioral sciences student from the Philippines. Her work usually revolves around coming of age and how adolescence is simultaneously nothing and everything. She is never not talking about films—her favorite is Xavier Dolan’s Mommy, and she will always be angry at the lack of Oscar nominations for Robin Campillo’s BPM. Her other passions include feminism, mental health, ideas of identity and the process of selfhood, and YA lit. There is nothing more she wants in the world than for you, reader, to start watching Fleabag.

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Laila Aissaoui

Laila is a 20-year-old-photographer and collage maker from London. Her work is based on young girls and their experiences with the influence of the 60s and 90s. She focuses on fashion and coming of age and is always being influenced by movies like “Clueless”. You will usually find her working on collages and reminiscing about her childhood or teenage years (even though they were not that long ago). Her other interests include reading YA novels, society’s pressures on young people, and mental health. 

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Hadiyyah kuma

Hadiyyah is a fiction writer, poet, and freelancer from Toronto, Ontario. She is a lifestyle intern at Society19 and a writer at Guided Magazine. She is also the EIC of Double-Take Mag. She’s curated a playlist of restaurant sounds because she is soothed by indiscernible chatter.

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Tyler Bey

Tyler Bey is a 17-year-old Atlanta based poet and creative writer. His work is often deeply imaginative with nostalgic imagery and metaphors that question masculinity, especially for black men. His other interests include acting, directing and fashion. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and watching hair tutorial videos.

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Zuleika Mari

Zuleika Mari is an 18 year old self-taught graphic designer and illustrator. She’s from the Philippines, but she is now based in Los Angeles California. Her illustrations are mostly based on films, pop culture, and 60s-80s bands. She watches at least 15+ movies each month and can rewatch Alex Garland’s “Ex Machina” over and over again and would never get tired of it. (She would call that film the best sci-fi movie of the decade). She’s also a proud feminist and thinks that girls should stand up for themselves and be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Her other interests are fashion, music and cats. (Yes, she love cats!!)

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Valentin Espey-davis

Valentin is a 17 year old poet, essayist, and photographer presently located in North New Jersey (but they lived in Missouri for 16 years and remain a Midwesterner at heart.) Their work often studies vulnerability, surreality, and nostalgia especially in relation to LGBT experiences. Some of their influences include Lorde, Marina Abramović, and Kurt Vonnegut. In their free time they enjoying reviewing films on letterboxd, visiting the ocean, and studying leftist theory.

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Juliana Denrich

As a New Yorker, Juliana is obsessed with finding the intersections of her passions, interests and concerns. Think social media, empathy, fashion, technology, human rights, poetry, galaxies, purpose, art and the economy. She uses these lists to find niches that have potential for scale and impact. She is a poet, storyteller, and amateur graphic designer who works to connect herself and others to humanity. As a first-generation Latina her work can be heavy on equality, heart-ache, and female empowerment. She is constantly finding inspiration in the stars, ocean, and David Byrne.

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Kari Trail

Kari Trail is a 35mm film enthusiast, writer, and artist from California who has a soft spot for zines and other methods of print. Her work focuses on dreams and what it feels like to be stuck inside your head. Through photos and poems, she tries to better understand emotions and their purpose. She’s currently making her own magazine called Verses to create a platform for people of diverse backgrounds.

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