For submissions, email with your original art, photography, comics, rants, ideas, and whatever else comes to mind. Unfortunately we cannot publish everything that we receive, but we will do our best to look at everything sent to us! We would love to see all the crazy stuff you can come up with. Much love.


You do not have to be an official contributor to submit, but if you’re looking to contribute regularly apply here.

Please send us your work, with a short (but specific) description, and a clear subject line. Include your name, age, where you are from, and your Instagram handle, if you would like. Everyone is welcome, but we especially would love to have some teenage contributors.

  • For photography, we normally publish photos in series, along with a 200 word write-up. Please write something to accompany your series, such as a description of the photos and what they mean to you.

  • For artists, we always need illustrations and graphics to include with our written submissions, so we most likely could use anything you send us. We will publish comics and illustration diaries as well. Anything from elaborate paintings to colorful collages will do. Please include a short write-up of around 200 words with your illustrations as well.

  • For writers, send us whatever you want— diary entries, essays, poetry, rants, or essays about movies, music, and books. Please include a short description of your piece in the email as well. It’s helpful if you send a visual to go along, but it is not required.

  • For everything else, we are always looking for more ideas. If you are a film maker and have a short film you would like published, please send it! If you are a musician, we would love to hear your sound! We love publishing playlists as well, so send us your playlist and include a description. We would also publish anything having to do with beauty/fashion/expressing yourself.

Please send us specific work, not just “I want to contribute!” It makes things much easier on us when we have a ton of submissions rolling in. Make sure your submission is original and unpublished (especially writing pieces). If you are looking to collaborate with UA regularly. Either apply to be a regular contributor here, or email

Thank you!

Xo, Uniquely Aligned