For Lovers and Dreamers of all Kinds,

Image by @Doutzen

Image by @Doutzen

For lovers and dreamers of all kinds,

To the romantics chasing something real,

Or rather something to feel,

Remember to give love more than you receive it

And that it is best to feel everything

Than nothing at all.

Love deeply and unabashedly

And even if it is unrequited.

Love is blind fate-

A pursuit,

A moment!

Bathe in the


Stomach aching,



Ethereal love.

Like the tingling of listening to a Sufjan Stevens song

Or the delicate possibility of impossibility.

For in an ounce of the overwhelming-

Lies something beautiful waiting to be written.

The mystery of love is how little it fazes us.

How deeply we dive

With the knowledge of how quickly it flees.

By an old tree in tall grass,

Love runs.

By the seas and the mountains,

Love is chased.

Through sensational fire of overflowing passion,

The icy coolness of early playfulness,

Through the inability to hide behind

Indifference or any other lack of emotion.

Love is met,

Love is embraced.

For lovers and dreamers of all kinds,

We are merely souls amongst others.

May we never wake up from whatever trance consumes us.