About Uniquely Aligned

Photo by  Leah Blom

Photo by Leah Blom


Our Mission statement

Uniquely Aligned is an online magazine dedicated to teenagers. It began in 2016 when Vivian Chambers, Savanna Chada, Katherine DeBerry, and Smith Boles joined together to create a platform to share their writing, ideas, and ambitions. Designed to remind us to embrace every person’s individuality while also embodying love in our alignment as humans, it has become a giant creative platform for all different kinds of people and all different kinds of ideas. We want this to be a place for everyone. We are on a mission. To show the world that teenagers have creativity to share and a voice to be spoken. To make mistakes and to learn. To be kids and to be good. To talk, to cry. To laugh, to feel. To give. To love, to run, to be loved. Simply put, to live.


UA is constantly growing

Uniquely Aligned has grown immensely over our few months as an online magazine. We now collaborate with Adolescent Content, and our content is shared with an even larger platform. Check out our tab on their site and explore their media—it’s important, personal, and revolutionary.

Photo by  Alberto Lara

Photo by Alberto Lara


Get Involved

We have contributors all over the world, sending in unique creative content. No two artists are the same, and here at Uniquely Aligned, we embrace that. We’re a little different than other magazines: our content is based in creative freedom. Not all writing has to be perfect; sometimes a diary rant is the most beautiful reading. Not all photography is professional; sometimes a disposable camera shared between friends creates the best memories. If you’re interested in being a regular contributor, apply here. If you’d like to submit a specific piece, see the submit page. You do not have to be a regular contributor to submit.