Poetry Roundup: The Primary Colors of Being


a letter i wrote in the middle of the night

by Addie Thompson

sometimes i feel you

in the cores of my bones when i wake up in the middle of the night

in the small gusts of wind that roll over my shoulders

in the goosebumps that rise from my arms and spread to my fingertips

sometimes i hear you

in the slow rolls of thunder in during a rainstorm

in the exhales of leaves crunching under my shoes in the fall

in the cheers from a crowd at the homecoming football game

sometimes i see you

in the center of the fireworks that melt into the sky on fourth of july

in the smiles of old friends enjoying the sweetness of reunions

in the ripples of the ocean after the tide rolls out, eager to come back again.

it hurts me

to see you in the corners of the world i have painted for myself

but as for me

i hope you see me

in the eyes of someone who comes to love you after i did

for you deserve to see someone

as i saw you once

The Primary Colors of Being

by Gwyneth Baker

Meet Blue,
She is just like you;
She listens to indie music While eating thai food.
She loves poetry and honey And all things that flow smooth.

Meet Red,
You will love her more than any other With her passionate heart
That beats like thunder.
Her band tees and ripped open jeans Will have you hooked;
She is every bad girl in every good book.

Meet Yellow,
You will never forget her,
She is the embodiment of the sun cascading through your windows. She dances in her room to old vinyl records
And tears through books like she is searching for an answer.
Her laughter is infectious
With a smile as sweet as whip cream;
She is as ethereal as the flowers she has embroidered on her jeans

These are the colors of being
And they belong to all of me.
A revolving door of personalities
To choose from as a please.
You may worship the color red,
Or dream in blue,
Maybe yellow has become your muse.
But that is the problem you see,
You can not just love one side of me.
I am waiting for an artist that can see right through The monotone color I present to you
And paint me like a sunset.