You're in the Right Place


I want you to know that I think you’re in the right place.

I truly, honestly do. 

Whether that place is a deep and dark hole or you’re finally on the verge of surfacing, I think you’re in the right place, for right now. 

It’s like a graph or a drawing.

You’re right where you need to be, right now

You’re plotting points every day, every season. And you’re making some kind of big picture, whatever it is. And it seems stupid, but doesn’t it make you feel somewhat ok? Like you can breathe knowing that you’re not so far off track? Because I don’t think you’re off track. I think you’re in the right place. 

Because one moment you may be writing letters to someone who will never read them.

And the next moment you may be ripping them up.

But I don’t think the letters were a waste. I think you probably needed them. And you needed to let go of them too.

And one moment you might be running away from home. No direction. No purpose. Just running. Because you don’t feel like you can stay any longer.

And the next moment you may be coming back to return home. You don’t remember why you left, but the journey wasn’t so bad. You may have learned a thing or two.

It’s a long cycle of holding on and letting go. Running and returning.

To overcome something, that feeling is special. And I think having something to overcome isn’t such a bad thing. Because one day you’ll reach the peak of that mountain you’ve been climbing, and the hike may have been worth it. And you’ll see clearer then. And you’ll look over the trees and rocks that cut your hands on the way up, and you’ll realize that they’re beautiful. You kept climbing and you made it. You were in the right place.

I think you’re in the right place now. I think what’s behind you was good. I think what’s ahead of you will be good too. I think you are where you need to be. So breathe. 

Because you can’t change what you see. But you can change how you see it, and what you’ll see next.

I think you’re probably in the right place. 

a song:

Running, Returning by Akron/Family

Vivian Chambers