If You're Feeling Seventeen

Today is my seventeenth birthday.

Seventeen gets a bad rap. Sixteen is exciting, eighteen is even more exciting; seventeen in just in between.

But to me, seventeen is perfect. Seventeen is your last year of being a kid. Seventeen is a year of freedom. It’s a year of dance parties and R rated movies. It’s one last year of learning from your mistakes (it seems like they mean more once you get older…) Seventeen is just perfect for me.

This playlist is full of songs all about your seventeenth year, both directly and indirectly. It’s about freedom and learning and emotions and growing. Because you’re changing. And you’re getting older. And it all feels weird now, but someday you’ll see that it is good. It really is good, in one way or another. So dance and cry and listen and understand, whether you are seventeen or not. Feel free. Feel seventeen.