Coming of Age


Coming of Age…

Coming of Age movies, Coming of Age books, literally Coming of Age.

Coming of Age means a lot of things. It means growing, learning, all of that stuff I seem to talk about all the time. Coming of Age means everything. And nothing. But Coming of Age is good. It’s fun and new and never-ending. Coming of Age is life. Whether you’re thirteen of ninety. Coming of Age never specifies which Age you’re Coming to… (?) It’s just about moving forward. From wherever you’re beginning.

I made this playlist about that movement. It’s about youth, it’s about love, it’s about aging, it’s about home, it’s about leaving, it’s about dreaming, it’s about fading, it’s about everything. It’s about the famous cliché of Coming of Age, whatever that means to you.

(This is one of my favorite playlists I’ve ever made. Listen to the whole thing and try not to pretend you’re in a John Hughes movie or something.)