The Beginning


Hi. I am Smith. I am a Struggler. I am a Try Hard. I am a Dreamer. I am a Crier. I am Passionate. I am the tendency to be optimistic in attitude, Positivity. I will be Thoughtful. I will be Appreciative. I will be Confident. I will be a Straggler of the norm. I will not be Afraid. I will be Myself, because I will Learn.

I will Learn that I am Beautiful on the inside, I just may not completely see it yet. Frequently I look at the Beautiful souls surrounding me and think, Why? Why has the world not sprinkled these people with glitter awarding them of being among the “Non-Monotonous”? I wonder if they are just accustomed to not being noticed even though they are so extremely Glorious inside and out? But when I take a second to think, I realize that they must think of themselves the way that I do myself. Ordinary... Typical... Beautiful Things don’t ask for Attention, but every once in awhile a wave comes over me where I truly believe that I can do anything, I can be a Rockette...I can be on Broadway… Someday I’m going to be awarded a Golden Globe, but then the wave comes crashing down and I can’t breathe for a few seconds because that is not the Reality. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not have dreams to work toward, considering the fact that Visions may be the only way that our generation will bury this hole of “Good-For-Nothingness” that we have dug for ourselves… after all who doesn’t dream of being a millionaire... and I am definitely not saying that you should not be proud of yourself or your accomplishments, but what I am saying is that Pride can sometimes hinder our Humility. The truly Beautiful do not seek attention, but the notoriety somehow will find them if they sincerely deserve it.

About five months ago I was told to begin Letting Go. I have yet to do that… but I am continually working and I invite you to do the same. I invite you to let go of the foolish expectations that are put upon you, you are Beautiful no matter your Weight, Race, Sexuality, Religion. But, above all, I invite you to Love. Loving seems so effortless, but if you take a look around we have lost our capability to put aside our differences and love one another unconditionally. Let Go and Love because in my eyes that is what makes us truly Beautiful.

Beauty Attracts attention, but Beauty does not Seek it. Be the Beauty in the World, See the Beauty in Yourself and people will naturally flock to you. For people long to be surrounded by Beauty.

                                                                                                                                                                    Written by Smith

Uniquely Aligned