Illustration by  Vivian Chambers

Illustration by Vivian Chambers


her morning glory irises

camouflaged behind blue sunnies 

she sits next to a tulipped man in

the old greenhouse

they are both here to escape,

letting the humidity curl the ends 

of their silvery hair

ballooning at the sides  

transfiguring into pixie spools 

of shimmering eyelashes

flower petals and cacti 

begonia and bonsais 

aloe vera reflected in her shades

mirroring the fauna back to him

he does not look at her, 

reaches out to touch a cactus 

it stings, and he gives a jolt 

sunglasses slide off her face

crimson blossoming from his finger

irises blooming in the white light

tulips curl into a smile 

a little pain is all it takes