Charm in Illustrations

There’s an alluring charm with illustration and animation–they have a unique ability to reinterpret the physical world by blending the line between figurative representation and abstraction. There’s a tension between psychedelic and surrealist elements, unveiling a narrative progression that follows its own internal logic. One image gives birth to another. Scenes fold into themselves just as one’s mind wanders.

The path into animation was anything but given. I was a remarkably dull and unartistic child. I had a slew of deadbeat dreams: to be a professional monster truck driver, and at one point, I begged my parents to move to Orlando, Florida to be a child contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple. 

Working in a creative field has allowed me to live and work in a lot of unexpected places: Iceland, Japan, China, the Netherlands, Los Angeles, and now New York. These places are all so different from each other, yet each place has contributed to my personality and artistic style.