Love is A Mixtape


In Rob Sheffield’s Love is a Mixtape, he beautifully and comically explores love and loss through the universal language: music.

He tells his life story, focusing on his all too short relationship with a woman named Renee. Sheffield examines how the two got together, bonded through music, and ultimately married. After Renee’s sudden death (this is not a spoiler haha, it tells you in the description of the book), Sheffield poignantly describes his grieving experience, while telling the comical, romantic, and heartbreaking tale of rock and roll.

While, my life has been different than Sheffield’s, this book had me thinking greatly about the music I would put together in a mixtape about my life, and the loves, lessons, and losses that come with it.

Several came to mind over the span of reading this novel.
Life in Technicolor by Coldplay and Float on by Modest Mouse (“good news is on the way”) for that feeling in your stomach when you know that everything is going to be alright, as if the universe is giving you a kiss.
Too Late to Turn Back Now by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose and Love in Store by Fleetwood Mac for my silly teenage crushes.
Ain’t Too Cool by LunchMoney Lewis and Recess by Eli Paperboy Reed for all your late night dance party pleasures.
Sign of the Times by Harry Styles and On the Road to Find Out by Yusuf/Cat Stevens for when you’re grieving and need to know it’s all going to be ok (I could write pages on how much these songs mean to me).
Chicago by Sufjan Stevens and All the Young Dudes by Matt The Hoople for late night drives with the windows rolled down.
And finally, Flowers in the Window by Travis, for excitement of the future and leaving a legacy.

Many more come to mind, but these are just a few. Music is one of the most unifying forces we have, and it allows us to express our happiness, grief, and compassion all in one way. Love is a Mixtape explores just that.

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