Technicolor World

I am a 20-year-old photographer and student. I almost went to college for photography in New York City, but sometimes I believe fate, not just financial aid, swept in to save me from it—I think I’d have dropped out by now. I study French and music education with a focus on classical voice now (which was its own twist of fate), and am based out of Rochester, New York, but call Minnesota home. 

As I got later into high school, more and more began to affect photography’s place in my life: the changing landscape of Instagram and slowly losing the community I had there, visual art getting overtaken in my life by music before I even really noticed, and a several-month brush with some big names in fine art photography that was life-changing but also left me fumbling to ensure my work was “meaningful” enough after internalizing a narrow view of what photographic art should be. While I write songs in my spare time and plan to be a music teacher, photography is still on a slow burn in the background, and I’ve spent the last few years gradually trying to deconstruct and reconstruct my relationship with it, as well as the style of my work itself, in hopes of building a career there in some form. I use both film and digital, but recently I have been working in 35mm because it has helped me be more casual about it and allows me to photograph as a diary and not with a gallery wall in mind.