Pop Princesses

Forever Young means something different to all of us. Some of us think of a certain song, some think of a certain movie, but for me, I think of going on youtube and listening to Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears. I think of listening to my ‘Pop Princesses’ CD on the way to school. I think of watching movies like Clueless and High School Musical and how happy they made me as a child. I wanted my art to reflect that, so I was thinking about how to show what makes me feel forever young on paper. I thought of creating collages of artists and actors that represent my childhood. Even while creating my work, I was able to go back to my 9-year-old self and remember how much I loved being young. How much I loved being a 90s baby and growing up in the early 2000s. I was so lucky to grow up in the time I did. I wanted to be able to show just a small part of my childhood through my work, and I know many others will share the same feelings I did, dancing around their rooms while ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child plays (even though I was young and had know idea what the lyrics where actually referring to). For me, Forever Young brings me to all the things that were apart of my childhood and what, to this day, makes me feel young like that 9-year-old girl.