Storytelling with a Camera

For as long as I can remember, as I was taking photos, I was really only thinking about the story I wanted to tell with it. Each photo needed to be aimed at making you feel something. Whether that be love, heartbreak, freedom, or even nostalgia all my photos needed to encompass a story while being a direct reflection of me. I think the best photos that I have taken are capturing moments, not people. These photos were all apart of bigger stories but they can all stand on there own to say something. Using colors, people, and props, they create a feeling—not just a photo, but a story. The best thing about photography to me is the way that it can take us out of our routine and remind us that their is so much beauty and possibilities around us everyday of our lives. Whether it’s a photo with a cowboy hat and some toy guns or a simple light reflection from your windows onto the wall, photography has a way of making everything matter. These photos took me out of my daily daze to make me look at the world around me and see the little things that I can take for granted, like the lighting in my room or those cowboy boots I never wear or how gorgeous my apartment was when I was moving out. That’s why I think people create and love photos. They take people out of their environment and tell us a story. A story that says we are never too old to wear a pink cowboy hat. A story that says our lives are unique enough to document.