When Lightning Cuts the Sky

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

The idea of being sentimental, for me at least, comes with the feeling of acceptance. As I write in the end of my poem, my brain is chemically wired to be constantly anxious and hyper-vigilant... to let fear control me. However, those fears... the anxiety and hyper-vigilance... are in the past. Since then, I have been constantly growing, each and every day. Without the grueling past experiences I would not have been to become more comfortable with not only myself, but the world around me. It is because of my new way of life, that I am able to gaze upon my past mentality with sentimentality, appreciation, and acceptance as a I bid it a fond farewell.

the thunder clashes

the lightning cuts the sky

splitting what I thought I knew about the universe

that everything is held down by the particles of the atmosphere 

the sky is our shelter

but what do we do when it gets sliced open


flares of electricity 

what happens to the secrets that get sent up 

to the clouds?

the secrets and emotions i let fly long ago

do they get lost in space 

just like they get lost in my mind

under the dusty shelves of useless


polished with images of songbooks i wish i knew

i’m okay with the fact that they’re gone

that they could be lost in the universe somewhere

it’s good to let things go

i have had trouble with letting things go

but when the lightning cuts the sky

i am reminded that i too can cut through

the things that

stand in my way

and while my brain may be chemically wired

to be afraid

to be anxious

to be small

i will be electrically inclined 

to be brave

to be strong

to be loud

when lightning cuts the sky

i do too