Quiet On Set

I found a portal between real life and many alternate realities, and it’s in the view of my bedroom window every four in the morning.

Before I went away for college I spent my summer break staying up until after midnight to watch movie after movie after movie. I’d always finish up just a couple hours shy from sunrise, and before I went to sleep I’d peek at my window. To look at the streetlights. My neighbors. The concrete, the cul-de-sacs. And maybe it’s just the weird, late night exhaustion, or maybe ghosts, or maybe I saw six movies in one day so I’m bordering on losing my grasp on reality, but I always see the characters I grew to love. I see Jesse and Celine on the pavement, Elio and Oliver against the stone walls; Theodore on rooftops, Black and Kevin on the dark windows of nearby houses. And I see myself reflected on the glass, unruly hair and heavy eyelids, and I see the moon. I smile. This is my home, and now it’s theirs too.