Summer Surprises

these photos were all taken in the summer time. between years of college, with then-new, now-old, friends. these people shaped me. and i shaped these people.

the second it takes to snap a photo on my film camera that’s older than me holds so much more than the push of a button. within the clunky, mechanical sound of the turning wheel inside, a split second of my life is saved, something i can look at in physical form and remember that day. within a day, i forget the photo, in a week, i forget the moment, within a month, i forget the day even happened.
i had been saving this roll of film for months, waiting until i had more rolls to get them all developed. it had been at least a year since some of these had been taken. it’s always a surprise, a present to myself to look through all the photos and experience these events all over again. this roll came back the big, beautiful, surprise birthday cake. it was accidental double-exposure. some things can only happen through chance, or mistakes, depending on how you look at it.

Katie HowardComment