Dream Like a Kid

Photo:  The Florida Project

Photo: The Florida Project

The four Ws are haunting me, they keep repeating themselves in my mind. Whatare you doing, whereare you going, whyare you here and whoexactlyare you? My answer to these questions are constantly changing as I grow up. More recently I have come up blank, my ideas for the future are fizzling, just waiting for something to reignite the spark.

When I was a kid, these questions were easier to answer because the answer was always “anything”. The possibilities were vast and seemingly endless. I went through phases of wanting to be a fashion designer,illustrator,marine biologist and Hannah Montana. To prove my point, I am confident that I now know all the words to “The Best of Both Worlds”. Although I still think about my future a lot, there was a certain freedom of thought that I lost as I grew older.

Most fantasies are fragile like a soft haze, their mystic is easier to see as a child. Adulthood is when the fog starts to lift and we are left with overwhelming realness which can be harsh. I realized I could never really become Hannah Montana – my singing sounds like a dying cat – and there were multiple other unrealistic traits for all my dreams. Salaries, schooling, demand for employment and to top it all off with the problem of “being me”. Doubts like, “I am not good enough”, “I could never learn”, “she does it so much better”, “I should just give up” plagued the innocent hope my younger self carried.

Why does it have to be this way? We take precious time to nurture and cultivate our dreams and just as they have flowered, suddenly we give up? It would be crazy to try and pursue every goal that entered my mind, but sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to be more adventurous. Perhaps I could sew up some breathtaking summer pieces and become the next “Coco Chanel”. Did the world really decide that I could never be part of the Fashion Week lineup or did I? Because no matter what other people said it was always my choice to surrender my passions.

This year I removed the hat of limitations from my oblivious head. I have become more ambitious in the best way possible and have tried new things that I never would have before. I have realised that you don’t need fantasies to dream big. I believe that you can realistically pursue your dreams and goals with hard work and lots of passion. Now my brain is flooding with ideas, although I still haven’t settled on answers for the four Ws. Maybe I’ll never find the answer. All I know is that I am holding a full bouquet of dreams

in my left hand and my right is free to take on the world. So to quote the brand Nike, “just do it”. Take off the hat of limitations and see where you end up.