You Belong Here

Everyone experiences pain in their lives. Sometimes we deal it with the right way, and often times we don’t. We think it’s right to take it out on ourselves when things go wrong. We blame ourselves because it’s easier to hate than to accept that all we made was a mistake. You are still capable of growing even when it hurts. Just as you wait for flowers to grow in soil, you need to be patient with yourself as you do, too. Every painful thing you put on yourself will heal, and every tear you’ve shed has dried up. There will be days where you wished to be someone else, but you are the only YOU to exist. No one is like you, and no one will ever be like you.
You were made to be not self deprecate, but to be beautiful. You were created to be a light to others and yourself.  Every single human being on this planet is here for an exact reason, and whether you’ve realized why or not, you belong here. 

You’ve come such a long way. We are all a work in progress.