an open letter to you and your mind:

an open letter to you and your mind:

know that there will be times 

when your insides shake so violently that

you can guarantee seismic activity

it won’t last long but in the meantime drink hot tea 

i wanted to tell you that 

just because you avoid the cracks in the sidewalk and 

do all things in threes doesn’t mean anything you 

are just superstitious and that is alright

i want to shake you by the shoulders to 

alert you that 

the days when your bed is quicksand and you are sinking

will go away and the sun will rise again

you must know that breaking down every now and then will make you feel better.

it isn’t healthy to suppress the way that you feel 

it isn’t healthy to hide negative thoughts

it isn’t healthy to be scared of your anger

you are valid and wanted and loved 

do not be frightened

i need you to understand that 

the times when your thoughts are being replenished 

like cancerous cells 

listen to some guitar and count to ten

please listen to me 

you can’t go on like this

you can’t go on like this

you can’t go on like this

please hear me out

life is too short 

life is too short

life is too short

i am yelling now, this is important

all will be ok

because it has to be