If You're Mourning Summer


Ready or not, summer vacation has come to an end. We’re exchanging swimsuits for sweaters, sandals for sneakers. It’s the end of a season we thought would last forever. Now we return to real life—and if I dare say it, school.

For me, the transition away from long days and free nights to schedules and responsibility is difficult. It takes me weeks to finally get in the swing of things—and even then I’m just counting down the days until summer is back again. I made this playlist to help me mourn the last three months—and to accompany me in my journey through the five stages of grief.

We begin with Haim’s “Summer Girl,” a song to dance around in denial to. Think of your summer loves and the way you leave them behind—you’ll always remember then fondly, but you’re onto new things now, summer girl. Next up is Lorde’s “Buzzcut Season,” to mourn the warm weather and the endless fun with your closest friends. “Daisychains” because wouldn’t we all just love to spend all summer sitting here, making daisychains? Clairo’s “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” because you’ll want to run around and have a crazy dance party. Simple as that. “Just Kiss Her” will make you feel like you’re in a high school coming-of-age movie. Maybe it will help you get in the school mood? Probably not. Clairo’s “Sofia” is featured because it’s good! That’s it. Of course, Gorillaz’s “On Melancholy Hill” had to make an appearance because I’m feeling pretty melancholic about this ending—I’m not ready for this to be over quite yet. Andddd you guessed it, another Clairo. “Softly” is the perfect slow groove. Next is “Love You ‘Till The End” for you to reflect on the friendships you started and strengthened this summer—don’t let them go. And “Tongue Tied” of course. It’s an absolute summer anthem in every way possible. 8BIT WZRD’s “The Sun” is here to remind you of that summer sun—there’s nothing like it. I had to use Girls’ “Lust for Life” because you need to scream and dance and party all of that summertime sadness out of you. Go crazy baby. Twin Peak’s “Blue Coupe” is the sweetest sounding summer song, and I just wanted you to smile. So there’s that. Say goodbye to summer with Will Wolfe’s “Saying Goodbye”—pretty straightforward. “Groceries” by Mallrat is here because you can’t mourn without a sweet, nostalgic song to smile to. Next on the mixtape is “A Dream of You” because let’s face it, we’re still dreaming about summer and all of those special people you spent time with. “You Deserve This” is just a dreamy song that reminds me of summer skies after the sun sets. And “Sweet Disposition” will always be the kind of song that brings you back to fun adventures and memorable moments… Try not to smile and roll your windows down. Bust one last move and one last air guitar to “June” in honor of that summer month… because we hate to say goodbye.

Lastly, BROCKHAMPTON’s “SUMMER” will really get you in your feels about this season ending. Look back on your summer memories—good and bad, beautiful and tragic—and remind yourself that when one season ends, another begins. Goodbye summer, you were truly a life changing few months.