The Same But Different

Photography isn’t about fancy gear or amazing locations or shooting with supermodels. Photography is about individual talent and growth. While a great camera or an astounding backdrop can certainly add to an image, what really matters is the skill, style, and imagination of the photographer. These images were all taken over a period of 3 years - each about a year apart. During each of these photoshoots, I shot with the exact same model, we were in the exact same location, and I had the exact same camera equipment. The only thing that’s changed throughout these 3 years is my own vision and my own skills. “Work in Progress” to me means finding my own style. Exploring different angles and new editing techniques. Behind every amazing photographer is a past full of experimentation and an ever-changing portfolio. No matter what, I believe that we - as artists - are constantly learning new tricks and striving to be the best we can be. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we all have something in common. We’re all a work in progress.