Innocence and Joy

Creating my own sense of escape using my hands, some old books, and a blade, I cut away what was existing, and manipulate it into my own kind of reality. This alternate reality features the return of the innocence and joy of the past. As I grow older, every day, I realize that part of adulthood is returning to, and embracing, the pleasures of our youth. In addition, I often think about how weird it is that when we’re young we wish to grow up so rapidly but once we reach adulthood we long for our childhood to come back to us. Within these collages, there is a curiosity that I attempt to display, as if this reality is new and had been left to be discovered. It is untainted and pure, what I wish my childhood was like--and I presume it’s the same for many. It is a reality that I never truly experienced, but would like to imagine I did.