How sad is it that we must experience heartbreak and fear and failure.


How wretched that we must live a beautiful life and spontaneously die in the middle of a sentence.


And how unfortunate it is that our best relationships must be ended just as they are blossoming and that often our regrets from this, fashion the way that we live the rest of our lives.


Placed on this planet, with a destined path. With misfortune. With disappointment. With tears. With experiences that could ruin what you had planned for yourself. With passions that will not work out for you. With several people that you will love that will not ever be aware.  With a person that will love you for the rest of your life. With a passion that at some point will be presented to you that you know is what God had planned for you. All placed on the earth with a specific lesson that is to be learned. With pride. With love.


And how amazing is it that we create our own relationships with people who also have their fates chosen for them. Relationships that frame the way that our whole lives pan out.


And how lucky are we that we were the chosen ones. The angels handpicked by God to live on one of his many beautiful creations.


How fortunate are we to live lives full of love and talent and experiences that shape us. What a wonderful world. What a wonderful life.