Here's the thing about me.

I have irrational phobias.

I won't try any new foods for fear that they may have a weird taste.

I don't like amusement parks because I am scared that something tragic will happen to me.

And I utterly hate to make eye contact with boys because every time I do (whether I think the boy is cute or not) my cheeks blush.

The other day a person told me that I was brave.

I was taken aback.

How could anyone think that I was brave.

I am the biggest coward of anybody that I have ever met.

But I have come to realize that these people can't see my fears. Unless of course you are one of the many boys who has been "blushed at".

The very first thing that people notice about you is your being. The way that you walk, the way that you talk, the color of your skin and your hair and your eyes and the freckles on your cheeks.

They notice your personality next, the way that you laugh and how big you smile when they introduce themselves to you.

But unless they truly want to know all that you are... the reality is that what you are afraid of is not on the checklist of getting to know a person.

So stop being afraid.

Yes I know that this is a hard task to accomplish, but it far from impossible.

Why be afraid when you are the only person who is aware of your fears.

There are people out there who think that you are brave even if you do not think so yourself. So act the part, no one has to know what you are scared of. You do not have to be afraid... you just are.

So go ahead and do the things that you are so scared of doing, eat the weird food and look boys in the eyes, because what is there to hide?

Absolutely nothing.

Make your fearlessness be known rather than your fearfulness.

                                           Written by Smith


It's Alright- Fractures

Callow- Novo Amor

Give Me Something- Lee DeWyze