I’ve only been alive for sixteen years and I know that I pretty much know nothing compared to other people in this world, but one thing that I am sure of is that God did not intend for the whole world to be at odds with each other. I am not quite sure what led to all of this turmoil, but I think I have a pretty good idea as to what one of the factors may have been. 


Now I know that this term is very often used when framing others for murder and things of that sort, but it’s all relative really. 


How often do you use someone else as an excuse for why you couldn’t do something, or for why you did something wrong. The classic excuse used in every children’s story ever, “My dog ate my homework.” I’ll put it in simpler terms. We make excuses for everything… and not only that, but we choose to blame someone else rather than owning up to the fact that we have done something wrong, or that something is not meant for us. It’s been going on for ages and we’re all guilty of it. 

Just the other day I used one of my best friends as an excuse for why I did not get the part in my school play. And for what? So that I could feel better about myself? Because I can assure you it did not make me feel any better… it just made me feel like a jerk. 

Why we blame others I am not quite sure of, but it’s time to make a change. We’ve allowed Accusation to take its hands and rip our world apart, one religion, one race, and one nation at a time. The world was meant to live as one. To walk as one. To love as one.

Redemption: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

God has redeemed us from evil and will continue to do so, but for how much longer? How much longer will he sit back and watch as we do nothing to fix what is tearing us apart?

How will I be redeemed? 

What can I do to change what is happening?

Because maybe redemption comes in the form of knowing that at any point, at any moment I can completely change everything, by changing how I view what’s actually happening right now. I could change the story in a heartbeat, I could solidify it with action. Too often I’ve sat alone sitting scared of going out into the world and truly showing who I was. I’ve disconnected and distanced myself from others never really giving them the chance to love ME, but as I’ve come to honor the hearts and souls of those around me and realize that the stars live in them just as much as myself, I see how united we really are. How there is not really Me vs. You. We are just the same. We are ALL the same. We are ONE.

It’s so easy to do this, to make it Me vs. You. To put up walls. To put on armor and to go to battle. It’s just because i’m afraid. I’m afraid of getting hurt. Truth is I know it doesn’t do in me any good, because in all the dividing and conquering I lose what matters most, the heart. It’s not Me vs. You. It’s US. We Together. Love has no swords. No armor. No winning or losing. It’s open. It’s accepting. It’s warm. It’s about US. It’s always been about US.

                                                                                                                                 Written by Smith 



Timshel- Mumford & Sons

Imagine- John Lennon

Slow Fade- Casting Crowns   

Uniquely Aligned