Everyone has a story. Some a little less terrifying, or passionate, or quirky than others, but nonetheless it is a story.

You were born and you have lived. The catch, however, is what you do with your short time on this earth. Whether you realize it or not everything that you do (down to the way that you are sitting right now and what you just ate for lunch) is contributing to the story of your life that will someday be told to the generations after you.

Everyone has a different lightbulb moment. Not everyone can know what has made them “them” at the mere age of 10... and though you think that this is a disgrace, you are lucky. When your story gets told, it will be of your discoveries and your adventures, not your mistakes and lessons. YOU can write your story. If you want it to be about the bricks and the concrete that is okay, but sometimes the best stories come from those who talk about the house as a whole.

You may not have your story yet and that is okay. Not having a story may be your story. But you should know that from the time you were born, the stars aligned perfectly to make you who you are and it may just be in your plan to “not have a story” until you figure out what yours is.

It is okay to be clueless and to not understand why everyone around you seems to know what is going on. You will have your day, but until then, learn to be okay with the unknown and learn that it is simply a part of your soon-to-be story.

                                              Written by Smith


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