My People




"I want my life to be full of unimaginable people. I want my days filled with the type of people who make me see the beauty of the world, but who appreciate how hard that task is to accomplish. I want adventurous people, the ones who chase sunsets, and read a new book every once in a while. I want people who don’t see the world the same way I do, the people who have the ability to make me question everything I always thought was true. I want late night conversations and early morning pancake dates.

I want to surround myself with the people who see the kindness in the world, the people with soft hearts, and forgiving souls.I want the people who push me to become a better person. People who see my generosity, and forgive my selfishness.

I want to be surrounded by the people who stand up every time they fall. Who fight so hard that it is impossible for them not to survive, the ones who never give up in the face of tough times. I want to be with the people who see light even throughout the darkness, who appreciate the way their pen curves on a piece of paper.

I want the authentic kind of people in my life. I want people who are real.

These are the type of people I want in my life. These are they kinds of people I need in my life. Because you see, these are my type of people."

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