5 Things




 You're so much better than you think you are.

Don't listen to what you have to say about yourself because you are beautiful and courageous and sooner or later you will learn that, it just takes a little time.


All of the work that you have done thus far is guaranteed to pay off.

All of your doubts will escape your mind. All of your hardships will be lifted off of your shoulders and the foundation of who you truly are will take precedence and allow you to reach several of your many life goals.


Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes really bad things happen to really good people. We never fully understand, but maybe one day you will get a glimpse of why.


Accept yourself as God made you.

Accept that you were made to be different. You were made to have your own experiences and to mess up sometimes. Accept that things were meant to happen the way that they happened and accept that your struggles and your feelings are what make you Smith.


Avoid the people with closed minds, the people who are negative.

Those with closed minds will never get you. Never. So remove those people from your life, allow yourself to take initiative and do what is best for you. Do not worry about whether it will hurt someone else if they have continually brought you pain.


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