One thing that I am least proud of is the the amount of myself that I give away to comparison. All of my happiness is centered around others. I am twisted.

But aren't we all?

No one is safe. It's difficult to be yourself when you are constantly envisioning what the perfect life must be like while staring at a picture of the Kardashian's vacation home. Thank you social media.

But comparison hinders our happiness in so many ways. I know it is easy for me to say to stop, words are just words, but I truly mean it... stop. Take a look into what that person's life is actually like, we all have our battles, and remember that social media is only the best of people. When was the last time you posted a bad picture of yourself where everybody could see it? Exactly. Don't take social media at face value, it's not the true representation of reality.

It’s so important to focus on your own happiness and stop being concerned with those around you. Yes, it’s not always easy to do, but taking steps to concentrate on the appreciation you have for your current life – no matter what stage you’re at – will attract the things you want into your life and be happy with them.

Remember, your happiness is personal to you and no one else.

                                            Written by Smith


Timshel- Mumford & Sons

Sense of Home- Harrison Storm

Comes and Goes- Covey